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Non-Government Organisation

Indonesia Visionary Youth (IVY) is a non-government organization which focuses on developing human resources.

Indonesian Youth

We dedicate our various programs for young, talented generations of Indonesia.

Developing Potency

We do realize that Indonesian Youth has so many potencies, one of which that need to be developed is in term of socio-culture.

International Exchange

Quality needs to be upgraded to compete globally. International exchange is the best way, however, to learn new skills and capabilities.

Building Leadership

The result may vary, but we believe our program could enhance youth leadership and adaptabilities through cultural exchange and social programs.

Developed and Tolerance

Further results would be helping Indonesia to be developed - both systematically and personally - and the most tolerant nation.


Enhancing Youth Tolerance


To be a professional organisation which concerns on cultural exchange and learning social activities, as well as building the potential of youth to realize a visionary Indonesia.


Introducing Indonesian culture to the global societies as our self-identity.
Increasing the tolerance level amongst young leaders through cultural exchange.
Building a sense of caring and responsibility as well as speaking actively in social activities.
Identifying self-potential through certain programs.
Assisting young people to improve their leadership through practical actions.


The future of a nation highly depends on its young generations who have the role as agents of change. This belief drives us to positively create a program whose aims are to develop a peaceful mind and innovative skill of youth through introducing and learning from certain international cultural differences, thus a diversity would be a beautiful thing they accustomized about and better future of Indonesia as a multicultural country could be realized without any means of conflicts. Young generations, undoubtedly, hold power for in their own thought that needs to be strengthened and improved by practical and new-related experiences. Whilst, India is one of South-Asian nation whose cultures are much different from Indonesia which would give our delegates the best experience. Moreover, we would set the delegates to meet international host families to widen their perspectives as well as expand their network.


Come as Stranger, Stay as Family

Program Itinerary

India, 18-22 March 2019



Your Questions, Answered Here
I have basic capabilities in English, am I still allowed to apply?

Yes, as long as you understand what people talking about, you are eligible to apply this program.

I am under 18 or above 25, can I apply?

LThis program is only for youth in age 18-25 years old.

It's going to be my very first time going abroad, and I don't have my passport yet. Am I allowed to apply?

Absolutely yes. You can prepare the passport earlier, before the departure.

Will we stay in a house with host families?

No, we will stay in hotel but we will experience how the inhabitants live their lifes by visiting their house, doing some activities together.

What do I have to prepare before my departure?

Your personal equipments, medicines and expenses.

Is India safe?

Yes. We will bring you only to the safe places.

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